SCIAF Appeal

Across Scotland, we’re all working together to protect the most vulnerable members of our community from the coronavirus. Our friends, our families and our neighbours.

But in this time of need, it’s easy to forget the most vulnerable of all – our neighbours around the world who are already living on a knife edge and are looking to us for help.

With any global crisis such as the coronavirus, our neighbours in the poorest parts of the world are hit hardest. There are 4,000 women in the Democratic Republic of Congo who are counting on us to help them recover from horrific sexual violence. Because of the coronavirus, we may not raise the money they need.

At this difficult time, please hear their cry and respond in love. Please give whatever you can.

You can donate to our WEE BOX BIG CHANGE appeal through this link:

You can donate over the phone 0141 354 5555 or by sending your cheque to FREEPOST SCIAF.

We will not forsake them. 🙏